How Superconnectors Accelerate Businesses

How Superconnectors Accelerate Businesses

On August 22, 2019, at Shopping Iguatemi in Sao Paulo, was held the launch of the book Engage for Business – How Superconnectors Accelerate Businesses through Collaborative Networks, in which I had the privilege to be invited to participate as co-author and talk about my views and professional experience as a businessperson , and how collaborative networks have been important to my career and success in the business.

“As a businessperson I have learned that opportunities need to exist for all the players involved in the business because we do not accomplish anything alone,  and this is the same all over the world. The best practices come from joint efforts and it is essential to understand that the intellectual and creative content of people will always make the difference in all aspects of the economy.”

Life experiences that opened several doors and opportunities, told in a human , light and honest way, such as how “Superconnectors” helped me to achieve the position of shareholder of TCM Group, the biggest conglomerate of Credit & Collection in the world.

The only certainty I treasure as an unchangeable value, apart from my family and the ethics in the business, is the strength of human relations, for they carry the beauty of diversity and crucial transforming creativity that we need for our victories and daily achievements. After all, “Success is not solitary; it is the connection between minds and hands.”

My sincere thanks to everyone who took part in this important work, with special mention to Raphael Saddy for his coordination and mentoring during the making of Engage for Business.

Jefferson Frauches Viana – CEO & Founder of Way Back and Shareholder of TCM Group.

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