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We transform ideas into innovations when it comes to receivables Management, and helping managers and teams improve their results and processes involving financial and non-financial assets, is our source of daily inspiration and motivates us to always want More and more to gain the trust of our customers.

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Being 360 ° is meeting your needs from start to finish with
preventive and or resolving solutions, but always
appropriate to your credit policy.

It is investing in technology, intelligence and professionals that
know how to do it and know the value of
“Humanology” to achieve the results with the
quality you seek.

Complete experience in one place!
360° Collection
Understand how we operate in
the entire billing ruler
Pre-Expiration Shares

Increased cash flow and effective results by the end of the
relationship with your active customers.

Credit & Risk Solutions.

360° Collection

more of 35% risks of delays withheld at this stage

Advisory Actions

Advisory approaches in the early days of securities maturity. Greater guidance for pending settlement with your overdue customer.

360° Collection

more of 65%of the risks of
mitigated defaults at this stage.

Extrajudicial Actions

Special billing cells for each role, age, and segment. Strategies and expert people for the greatest success in recovering your credit.

360° Collection

more of 25% mitigated risk of wear and loss within 365 days

Judicial actions

Doctors and professionals specializing in business and civil law, experienced in Credit Recovery in accordance with the laws of our country.

360° Collection

Greater agility and assertiveness in defending your credit rights.

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